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About Us

Meet the people behind Steve McAloon & Associates

  • Steve McAloon Realtor / CEO

    Steve, born in Glasgow Scotland, came to the United States in 2000. Once he saw the opportunities that the US brought, he quickly moved into real estate. Steve's primarily focused on short sales, as it was a way to help homeowners get out from toxic and over leveraged loans, and his company actually purchased the homes to give the homeowner relief from a debt that they normally could not escape. He created a loss mitigation company that assists lenders to liquidate nonperforming assets and helped other realtors negotiate debts so they could sell the home for their clients get out of debt. Steve decided to become a Realtor so he could utilize his entrepreneurial skills, that allowed him negotiate 485 short sales with top banks, and use those skills for sellers and buyers to get the best deal possible.
  • Mark Paterson Assistant /trainee agent

    Mark joined the team in May 2017 with outstanding enthusiasm. Going through the vigorous paces to become a real estate agent, he works at the drop of a hat to be a team player. Keep and eye out for this young man, he’s going to be a rockstar !
  • Arjay Ancheta Ariel Photography and Media / Interpreter

    Arjay Ancheta is a Cinematographer/Director of Photography and is currently studying Cinematography at the Los Angeles Film School. He has planned, shot, and edited several videos and short films; all of which have been well-received by clients, peers, and viewers. He is constantly learning to become better in other aspects relating to the art of video, such as editing with visual effects and motion graphics. He is also a language lover and enjoys taking time to bridge gaps by immersing himself in different languages. As such, he is familiar with Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese. Teamwork is #1 to him in a project and he is always looking forward to collaboration and cooperation!
  • Steve McAloon Realtor / CEO
  • Mark Paterson Assistant /trainee agent
  • Arjay Ancheta  Ariel Photography and  Media / Interpreter

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